Birthday Flower Gifts
The Floral Gift That Mattered The MOST on ‘her’ Birthday!!

It was a rainy December morning, and it was the 12th day of the month, and I was away in Melbourne, relaxing in a hotel not that far from the happening Federation Square in the city’s CBD.

That was a lovely morning, and I was done with the meeting with my business partner the previous and was pretty elated having been able to strike a profitable deal. I had to travel a lot as it rained all through last evening and that had left me with a bit of cold and fever that morning. It thwarted my plans to get back to Parramatta by afternoon.

It was Abigail’s birthday, and I had to get her favourite yellow roses on time! I HAD to do it at any cost, as disappointing her was the last thing I could afford. I had called her and wished, but had already annoyed her by telling her that I won’t be there before late in the evening.So the only way of doing those good, old damage controls was to get her a gorgeous bouquet ASAP before I turn up – in person!

The NAME that saved my day!!!

So there I was, browsing vigorously names that are into online flower delivery in Sydney and her suburbs, till I bumped against My Gorgeous Bouquets. I recollected the name, as I was told by a few colleagues and friends of mine about the company. They had recommended the name when it came to picking up the floral gift for my parents on the last Thanksgiving! I didn’t do so that time though, and regret now for that!

Eustoma Hand Bouquet

I got into the website and what a site it was! And the collection had left me speechless! I browsed, and that took me to Eustoma Hand bouquet with a $177.00 price tag. That WAS the one that left me awe-struck. So pretty it was and I knew yellow rose is Abi’s favourite. I called up, and I was talking to a rep in no time.

The Customer Service

Talking to the Cust Rep was a unique experience, and the online booking page was seamless as well. Engulfed in a sea of green, the roses were a treat for my eyes, and the entire package was a perfect birthday gift. And I was ecstatic to see that they offer online flower delivery to Parramatta. So that was simply great!

The portal

The portal was excellent, to say the least, with a menu-driven guide that told me precisely how to place my order. The payment option was sleek and seamless with no delivery charge, as the order I placed was well over $100.00. It was safe as well!

So that was awesome! I paid through my Mastercard and in seconds, it said that my order was confirmed.

That was a fantastic service, to say the least, though I waited with bated breath for Abi’s phone as I slowly started preparing for my long drive back home!

What a prompt delivery!

My phone rang shortly after I had crossed Tumblong Tavern by Hume Highway! It was Abi.. and she was ecstatic, though a bit whining for me being away so far! But she was utterly happy, and that I could sense by her voice! It was all up to My Gorgeous Bouquets. With a fascinating service, they had made my day!

I would recommend them to anyone who looks forward to surprising their friends or relatives, and the dearest ones with some out of this world floral gifts on special days and occasions!

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