Teresa Bouquet
Teresa – The Ideal Baby Flower Bouquet for Newborns

There are so many points to consider when it comes to choosing baby flower bouquets. Well, when you are sending a floral gift to celebrate childbirth, or homecoming of the newborn from the clinic, you must put several thoughts into it, before going ahead.

You need to stick to the thumb rules of sending baby flower bouquets but still can mix them up with your imaginations and personal preferences. These go a long way in adding sophistication and a personal touch to the baby flower bouquets that you plan to deliver to your friend or relative.

Why opting for a professional help counts so much? 

Choosing the right kind of flower and the correct type of bouquet is not anybody’s task. Of course, there is that element of personal choice that plays a pivotal role, but a touch of professionalism always adds an extra finesse that makes all the difference. That is where the contribution of companies like us is so significant.  We at My Gorgeous Bouquets go a long way in helping you pick up the right one from a wide range of baby flower bouquets that we offer.

Take, for instance, the Teresa Bouquet, which we offer at $98.00. Indeed, it is regarded as one of the most fascinating baby flower bouquets in Sydney, which will leave the recipient overwhelmed!

What makes it so special? 

Teresa Bouquet comes up with a riot of colours – a befitting way to celebrate the occasion. However, the most astounding aspect about this bouquet is that it comes along with a getup that only adds to its sophistication. It is not a big one – on the contrary, a pretty shorter and surely a cute one, but is in no way shorter in terms of look and feel.

The bouquet features some of the most exotic varieties of flowers that include lily, gerbera, hydrangea, and daisy along with some other seasonal flowers and foliage. While you find a wide gamut of colours that add to the glamour of the bouquet, pink features predominantly, setting the perfect tone for a baby floral gift, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

While this is the classic look and feel of these Teresa bouquets, we have the provision to replace any item, as per your choice, should you opt for customisation.

The value additions! 

We also add some extra touches to this exotic floral gift by offering some value addition in the form of teddy bears, floral vase, a bottle of the best red wine for the family to enjoy the occasion with, balloons, and candles, a box full of the nicest and most delicate chocolates, which will help you further personalise the gift. It all depends upon your choice and your way of adding value to the floral gift that you have chosen. We also add customised gift messages, for further personalisation.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why it is always worthy of putting stakes on an experienced florist in Sydney like My Gorgeous Bouquets, when you plan to send a baby flower bouquet to your friend or a close relative, to celebrate with the newborn!

For further details, call us at 0450726545 or write a mail to us at  info@mygorgeousbouquets.com 

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