Bright Sympathy Funeral Flower Arrangements

Bright Sympathy Funeral Flower Arrangements

Extending your condolences to the bereaved through flowers is always an appropriate gesture. Such gesture speaks of your sympathy and this gives them the assurance of your support and comfort in their moments of grief. Colors may vary from culture to culture or may depend on the family of the deceased’s preference. Flowers represent meanings and so are the colors which are even more meaningful.

We deliver sympathy flowers to the family and to the funeral home, the family’s home and even their offices. We can deliver to the church, memorial center, cremation center or to the gathering location. If you need delivery services outside our local Sydney area.

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We deliver sympathy flowers to the family and to the funeral home, the family’s home and even their offices. We can deliver to the church, memorial center, cremation center or to the gathering location. If you need delivery services outside our local Sydney area.

Bright-Colored Funeral Flower Arrangement
It is often said that sympathy arrangements do not necessarily need to look somber. As an uplifting symbol of love and support for the bereaved, flower arrangements may also come in bright colors. Flowers primarily provide a lovely memorial for the deceased’s celebrated life, offering comfort and warmth in an atmosphere that is basically solemn. Vibrant colors especially bring cheer, hope and beauty in times when they are needed.

While some may frown at the idea of showcasing bright and fabulous blooms, it can actually be an ideal choice for a loved one who once lived a full life and endeavored to always make others feel better and loved. For a loved one who lived this kind of life, it is but acceptable for their memorial service to be one where there is the “celebration of life” instead of an occasion for mourning. Bright-colored flowers are appropriate choices for such as memorial service. Flowers to honor the deceased infant or child are typically smaller than the regular size used in arrangements. Colors used may either be bright sunny hues for several arrangements such as vase, crosses, wreaths, and standing sprays. Sympathy flowers to express your support to a bereaved male co-worker may be arranged in a bouquet with bright yet a tint of subdued colors.

The use of bright-colored flower arrangements is acceptable to some while it may not be so for others. However for a loved one that lived a full life and a happy one as well, using muted and mellow flower bouquets may not utterly represent the kind of life they once lived. Thus, to make a more appropriate representation of a loved one’s life it is well worth to consider a better option with a cheerful combination of bright-colored flowers. The most common mixed bright colors are the green, pink, lavender and purple. Green basically symbolizes renewal. Pink represents joy, gentility and grace as well as innocence and youth. With the combined qualities of pink and purple, lavender represents elegance, grace and refinement. Based in the classical times, purple is associated with spiritual fulfillment, ceremony and royalty.

Bright-colored flowers can actually bring cheer to a somber occasion. Colors such as lavender, red, pink, orange and blue enhance the space in a tasteful and classy manner. To balance the use of bright colors for the floral arrangements, it is pleasing to arrange the flowers such as the daisies, roses, and lilacs in a traditional style. Bright flower selections can be created into different funeral bouquets, funeral wreaths displayed during the service, and casket sprays gracefully placed on a casket.

Various Bright Flowers Used
Bright-colored flowers are mostly used for the bright color scheme funeral or memorial services. Bright flowers include pink roses, green carnation, pink gladioli, purple hydrangea, daisies, lilacs, etc.

Pink Roses

Roses contribute to making a beautiful funeral flower arrangements. There are several types of roses used in floral arrangements Pink roses especially convey gentility, appreciation, grace and love.

Green Carnation

There are several types of carnations used for flower arrangements. Green carnations add balance to the bright colors in the arrangement.

Pink Gladioli

These flowers have taller stems with multiple flowers. They are usually used for elegant and classic fan spray arrangements in a traditional type of funeral service. They embody a strong character, moral integrity and sincerity.

Purple Hydrangea

These flowers are spring flowers denoting a pleasant gesture when sent to the bereaved family. These show heartfelt sincerity on the part of the giver. Purple flowers also represent success, admiration, honor and dignity.


Daisies are associated with simplicity, patience, beauty, loyal love, innocence, and purity.

Of all flowering plants, they have the largest family comprising over 23,000 species and 1, 600 species. Their flowers close up during the night and open at daytime. They bloom in summer.


They bloom in spring signaling whether spring comes in late or early. White lilacs symbolize youthful innocence while purple ones represent the initial feelings of love.


These flowers with a special nature are usually delicate and precious. They embody femininity.

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