Blue Sympathy Funeral Flower Arrangements

Blue Sympathy Funeral Flower Arrangements

Regardless of the flower type used in funeral arrangements, there is much symbolism when it comes to the colors used for the floral arrangements which oftentimes symbolize even more significance than the kind of flower used. Funerals are often adorned with blue flowers as some equate this color with sadness. Blue color also is traditionally believed to calm anxiety. Blue floral arrangements are considered a popular selection in funerals. The many blue floral arrangements for memorial or funeral services include large standing casket sprays, funeral sprays, baskets, crosses and wreaths.

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Blue Flowers to Express Sympathy
One of the ways of providing support and expressing sympathy to the family of the deceased is by sending flowers. The kind of flowers you send may represent your sentiments. Flowers express a long-lasting tribute to the deceased and serve as a symbol of the affection and friendship you extend to the bereaved on their grieving process. A special way to commemorate the life of the departed love ones and to give comfort to those left by the deceased is by sending a sympathy gift of flowers. Choosing the appropriate colors of flowers for this somber occasion is very important. Flowers send a message which conveys hope to the bereaved. Gift of flowers in any of the various arrangements at funeral services or memorial services or to serve as sympathy flowers for the bereaved not only show honor to the departed but also a special way to show your care to the bereaved.

Varieties of Blue Flowers Used
When the blue color scheme is used for the funeral or memorial service, blue flowers are typically used for the most part. Often blue flowers create an excellent contrast with white flowers. Many people usually dye white flowers to be used for funerals. Funeral or memorial services with a blue color scheme usually include flowers in blue colors such as hydrangeas, irises, blue roses and blue delphiniums.


When given as a gift, hydrangeas convey deep and heartfelt feelings. They convey vanity and express a sense of gratitude to someone having an understanding nature. Sending these flowers, which bloom from late spring until midsummer, to the bereaved family is considered an appropriate and nice gesture. They are given as a representation of the giver’s heartfelt sincerity and also to express thankfulness to repay for understanding.


Irises are perennial flowers that grow all year. They symbolize faithfulness and hope. The rich blue irises are the most favored of all varieties. Growing both in farms and naturally, irises which symbolize royalty are found in different regions of the globe. With striking beauty and uniqueness, irises possess rich meanings such as wisdom, “promise in love,” my compliments, valor, friendship, cherished, wisdom and faith. They are among the most graceful of flower varieties for their calming blue color. Irises complement well with white flower varieties. As they are the real blue colored flower variety, irises cost less compared to some similarly hued flower varieties such as hydrangea and delphiniums.

Blue Roses

Roses, which are very popular in funeral services for their beauty, when arranged along with foliage create a stunning effect. One of the most visually stunning and rarest rose colors is blue. Roses with hues of blue signify a sense of splendor and regal majesty. There are also miniature rose bushes and the larger single rose blooms. Their longer stemmed type is not only popularly used in floral arrangements but also symbolizes the most significance. A striking impression accompanies blue roses when 12 blue roses are arranged in a bouquet. Blue roses are more often than not white roses which are dyed with the use of blue coloring. They make excellent spray arrangements, covering the entire casket.


Delphiniums symbolize ardent attachment, levity, lightness, fun and big-heartedness. They are tall-growing plants from 3 to 5 feet high and with upright and large spikes of blooms. The diamonds blue delphiniums are the lower growing and bushier variety. When it comes to their hues, diamonds blue delphiniums are truly real blue, the kind of blue that is vivid, intense and nearly electric blue.

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